What I’m Doing Right Now

Last November I left on a ~4 month long voyage down to Spain. More on that afterwards… Now, I’m focusing on the coming season. This year I decided to focus on three things: making way on build my house, continuing developing the forest garden, and cultivate mushrooms and vegetables to feed myself (and consider the viability of selling gourmet mushrooms). Shortly, with my neighbor Rygaudas, we will inoculate logs of various mushroom species, like: Shiitake, Lion’s Mane, Reishi, Hen of the Woods, Oysters, etc… From France, I purchased tons of different cultivars I envision in my food forest, exotic berries, and fruits that should grow in this climate. I plan to seed start a number of fruit trees. Regarding the Forest Garden, I will create various maps of my land: a base map, a sun/shade map, as well as maps analyzing the various sites across the 2.5 hectares. Regarding the house, I’m held up in the bureaucracy stage as the surveyors finalize where I’ll be able to build, though knowing where that’ll be, I can start digging the future drainage and foundations. I’ll be documenting all of this on my YouTube channel. Otherwise, I’m occasionally releasing articles on my Medium account.

My Trip

November 1st, 2019 I left Vilnius towards Spain. I hitchhiked almost the entire trip (except for the end when I took a bus) and with March around the corner, I’m furiously getting my things in order to prepare for the season. I volunteered in Spain helping to rebuild a ruins and gain experience building with cob because this year I hope to start (and possibly build) a small clay home to overwinter in.

Unfortunately, it was too cold over the nights and the cob wouldn’t dry, stopping us from making progress, ultimately making it pointless for me to stay any longer. So I lived in Valencia for two weeks over the holidays. From there I volunteered in the hills of Catalon for a week. Volunteer is an understatement, as I helped in the garden for a few hours and most of the time I biked, hiked, or spending alone time in the cabin.

From there, I found a vegan food forest to volunteer at just across the Spanish border on the Pyrenees in France for 2 weeks. Most of my time spent there was digging out Heather bushes, preparing the ground for future planting, though I got some experience building furniture and pruning fruit trees.

There was a cute little castle nearby


The last place I volunteered was in Ardeche, some 50km north of the ancient city of Nîmes. I helped a French family build an eco-B&B for two weeks. Though the construction experience there wasn’t fully relevant to the type of construction I plan to do, I learned a helluva lot about eco-contruction in theory, which is relevant. Other than that, the landscape there was stunning!

I hope to shortly release a video compilation of this entire trip, as I captured much of it on video.


February 28, 2020 from Vilnius