What I’m Doing Right Now

It’s been over half a year since I returned from Spain to learn how to build with clay and I’ve spent the whole season on my land preparing the site to build my clay & straw house to start building it. More on that below.

Winter’s coming and I’m looking for work. I’m considering several options: work my old profession as a website/Android developer for quick money, teach English and gain experience over money, or invest in becoming a coach and be able to earn money in something I’m more passionate about.

Home Construction

I’m fulfilling my bucket list by building a house with my own hands and progress, although slow, is coming along.

The foundations dug in preparation for a rubble trench (rock) foundation

The plans changed several times and now I’m learning what it takes to build a wooden structure so to build the roof before having the walls (so that the clay and straw don’t get wet over Lithuania’s wet seasons (practically every season except for summer).

Roughly what I’m working towards

Aside from working on the house, in early Spring, my neighbour, Rygaudas and I inoculated many logs with all kinds of gourmet and medicinal mushrooms like Shiitake, Lion’s Mane, Oyster, and Reishi. We hope to expand on the production next Spring.

Regarding the forest garden, I planted many fruit tree seeds, many apples sprouted as well as some gingko trees, an edible chestnut, and some as of yet unidentified species.

September 8, 2020 from Vilnius