What I’m Doing Right Now

One thing to note when visiting the Azores Islands, do not trust the Google weather forecast. Upon arriving here I checked the forecast and to my dismay it showed cloudy skies, rain and thunder storms all week. Luckily the forecast was off by four days yet with that said this tiny island is getting pounded today. Aside from the first night I’ve been staying at a wonderful campsite Quinta das Laranjeiras and wandering around the island except for the few lucky times I got a ride somewhere.

I’m staying where the blue dot is.

Unfortunately I left my SD card reader at the hostel when I was jet lagged and fell asleep meaning 99% of all the pretty purty photos are un-uploadable until I go back to pick it up in Ponta Delgada. Until then you’ll have to make due with these photos from my phone.

If you go walking through the neighborhood estates, you’re going to get barked at. There’s signs for cãos (dogs) everywhere.

On day 2 I hiked from Ponta Delgada where I landed to the camp grounds where I’m staying until tomorrow (blue dot on the map above)

There’s lots of picturesque fields of cows here

The 3rd day I got a ride to the east side of the Island at Furnas where there’s one of many geothermal pools where you can go swimming in. Unfortunately all those photos are still stuck on camera but on the way back I hitched a ride to one of the only two tea plantations in all of Europe (the other one is nearby)

Day 4 I walked to the nearest lake, Lagoa do Fogo (Lake of fire) which happens to be situated  at the top of a mountain.

This island tends to experience Spring, Summer and Fall all in the same day and being just like Michigan it can change in a matter of minutes. Atop the mountain lake I saw how the strong winds funneled the clouds over from the south to the north side of the island.

Later on I stopped at the city of Ribeira Grande on the north coast where the surf competitions are held and gandered at it’s black sand beaches.

Today being rainy as hell I planned on writing but I got offered a chance to ride around the city with Renato, the campgrounds keeper instead of being stuck here so that I did and I came back to a beautiful sunset.

I’m currently in: Ponta Delgada, Portugal

Last updated April 24, 2017