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Swimming at Estadio, Medellin – How to Reserve

For all you gringos out there that wondering how you can go swimming at Estadio for free, here’s how!


Swimming at Estadio Requirements:

  • A swim cap
  • Synthetic material swimsuit (Under Armour material)
  • Printed out reservation form
  • Your physical document ID/Passport (they won’t accept a photo on your phone)

The swimming cap (3.000 pesos) and swimsuit (20.000 pesos) you will be able to buy at the store at the swimming complex.

Step 1: Create an account

To get started creating an account so that you can reserve your pool spot go to

swimming at estadio account creation

If you want to change your language, do so now from the homepage, then go to the register page.

swimming at estadio account creation step-2

Fill out the fields that you can. If your a gringo like me, some questions won’t be very clear like figuring out what zone you live in but luckily the Education and Categorization pages are completely optional and you can just skip.

swimming at estadio account creation step-3

Gringo Tip: If you have your site translated to English like in the images above, you’ll see that they had a typo and wrote  instead of si, then that got translated to if. Long story short, if you see:

IF = Yes

Step 2: Reserve

Once all filled out you will be taken to the home page from where you can start the reservation:

swimming at estadio reservation step-1

You will be taken to a login page where you will regurgitate the username/password that you just created.

And you will be taken here where you will need to dig through the hundreds of locations to find “PISCINA DE ACTIVIDADES SUB ACUATICAS” which is the sub aquatic pool at the Estadio complex (the guy at the front desk recommended this pool over the olympic sized pool which you reserve separately)

swimming at estadio reservation step-2

You won’t know the availabilities, so you’ll have to select “No” on the “Do you know your date of reservation” question to see the availability button.

swimming at estadio reservation step-3

Clicking on the “Show Availability” button you get this. You can only read and not interact with this page. I find out I want Saturday Turn 5, I close “Select” for this Saturday (See previous image) -> scroll down and submit.

Afterwards you’ll receive a popup stating that this reservation is free and add to your email contacts.

swimming at estadio reservation confirmation

Press ok and wait for the e-mail…

Step 3: Print Receipt & Go!

You’ll eventually get this e-mail before your scheduled date.

swimming at estadio email confirmation

It’s basically saying bring your document ID and present the attached document printed out & signed.

swimming at estadio entrance document

Don’t forget to print this before going!

When the time comes, you will have to go to the Taquilla, or check-in at this entrance before swimming at Estadio.

swimming at estadio entrance

To the right of the gates is the check in desk (Taquilla). To the left of this photo is a store where you can buy a cap/swimsuit.

You’ll provide your signed reservation and physical document ID. He will give you one of these

swimming at estadio wrist band

Put the bracelet on and continue through the gates and go straight until you see this pathway just some 100 feet from the entrance

swimming at estadio pool walk way

From the entrance, this path will be on your right

Following the path you will come across showers.

Important: you will have to shower yourself before swimming at Estadio.

After showering, follow the path up and your good to go! Now you’ll finally be able to sing plooshky-plooshky and go swimming at Estadio with your friends at the pool!

Are you coming in the pool or not?