Nida Lithuania and why you Must Go there

Nida Lithuania. Besides being the name of a pretty Lithuanian girl, she’s a lot more than that. Say that to any Lithuanian, or that you’re going there and you’ll be the envy of their eye. Not only is it the village in which my grandfather, Viktoras Miliunas, wrote his novels, it’s a part of my childhood. She’s a gem that won’t let you down when you visit her…

Nida Lithuania village scenery

Nida used to belong to Prussia since it was captured by the Teutonic knights around the mid 1200’s. Eventually after the second world war she was assigned to Lithuania. With that said Nida Lithuania has a look that doesn’t match the rest of Lithuania.

Nida Lithuania map location

Located on the Curonian Spit she is located right on the Russian, Kaliningrad broder

Nida is a village with a population of less than 1,500. She is not allowed to grow in size, meaning that new buildings cannot be built unless the original building is knocked down. With that said, the village has a magical feeling to her…

Nida Lithuania Window View

View from my neighbors window facing my grandmothers house

Nida Lithuania Lagoon Side

The village of Nida is located on the lagoon side of the Curonian Spit where the fishing boats come and go.


Nida Lithuania Boat Poles

Artistic signs decorate the village

The Nature Around Nida Lithuania

Being a small village that cannot grow you can imagine there’s a lot of nature. Nida is surrounded by forests of spruce trees and coated with a layer of moss that has established itself over the sand foundation that makes up the spit.

Nida Lithuania city forest

Luckily you don’t have to go very far to reach the forest.

Nida Lithuania Forest

You can endlessly walk the forests

I remember as a child running off with my best friend into the forest. We’d steal supplies from the school that was being built, trying to build a house secluded from everything else. In Nida Lithuania you can truly feel isolated from the outside world. She has a charm that I can’t find anywhere else…

Though you won’t find much night life in Nida Lithuania, you’ll find other activities. Whether it’s exploring the scenery…

Nida Lithuania lighthouse

To visiting the lighthouse atop the hill; a popular destination to drink with friends at night…


To visiting the great dune at the edge of the village…

Nida Lithania Dance

To dancing atop her…

The Great Dune is one of the highlights of Nida Lithuania. Don’t believe me? Check out this panaorama. On top of that you can walk 20 minutes to the other side of the spit and see the…

The Baltic Sea

What’s great about Nida is her proximity to the Baltic Sea and the beaches that line it.

Beaches of Nida Lithuania

One note of warning, the water is going to be cold. Accept it…

Nida Lithuania sunset

But do by all means go see the sunset over the horizon.

Nida Sunset

This is what I feel when I think Nida, I hope you can visit her some day to build your own picture…