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Everything Is As It Should Be

My latest trip taught me various things like, ‘Do not travel with stuff you don’t want lost’, and ‘Don’t leave your jacket in reach of wild boars that people keep as pets,’ and ‘If you travel with a container full of active sourdough, expect it to ooze out and onto your belongings.’ Then there’ve been other observations, like ‘Don’t hitchhike on religious holidays – cars are full, and no one stops.’ I learned that the day I left for my journey on All Saint’s Day, and I had to walk hours into the night hoping there’d be a motel at…

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The Māori Mindset

Travel brings many insights, by hitchhiking, many more. I decided, I’m not going to plan anything in New Zealand. Why should I need to? I’ve come with the belief that, to experience New Zealand, you don’t need to plan anything. All you need is basic preparation: a tent, a bag, a thumb, and a smile. In my first two weeks, I’ve seen countless mountain ranges, sand dunes and stunning beaches, but the most interesting experiences were with the locals, both indigenous and colonist. My first driver was a friendly racist named Peter. He worked his ass off employing a team…

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Life Lessons from Drug Deals

“Hey Amigo!” Shouted a scruffy voice from behind me as I walked down a dusty street of Cartagena. A scruffy man cruises towards me on a shaggy bike, as I keep walking. His bike has seen better days. Both handles supported large Costco sized plastic bags full of junk and his hunched posture tells me that he didn’t buy that bike. Furthermore, he’s not looking too good either, with a few teeth missing. He calls out, “Cocaine, Hierba! Do you want?” I’ve should’ve kept walking… It’s my first month in Colombia and second day in Cartagena, where I’ve escaped from…

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Keep your tent close, keep your passport closer

You’ve all heard the horror stories, fiction or not, of someone travelling and getting robbed blind thousands of miles from home. I’ve heard the stories and I have my own to share. I’m writing this from my cell phone because I have nothing more efficient to write with anymore. What started as a trip to Poland to find the most affordable tent turned into an adventure to the black sea to see just how far I could hitchhike in nothing but sandals. Needless to say I made it, and needless to say I got robbed. This event had such an…

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