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Things Don’t Go To Plan – So Don’t Plan, Just Come Visit Me!

If there’s one thing I learned two years ago after getting robbed and starting over again by getting a job, is that life never goes to plan. Getting robbed didn’t teach me that, but showing up at work one day to learn our startup’s getting chopped up and sold for spare parts, and suddenly ending up jobless did. Life doesn’t go according to plan, so you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket. You might be better off planning for it to go off plan.

Despite „planning“ to work at this company longer, I’m suddenly jobless again, as of a few hours ago. Truth is, I could’ve stayed longer, earning good money, buildings apps for a wealthy cruise-liner, although mostly doing nothing. A week ago I told my boss to find me something else to work on or I’m out. He didn’t find anything, so here I am, making new plans…

It’s cold as balls and covered in snow in Lithuania, and I don’t know how much I can do, but early this month, I finally bought my land. I’m very excited. I want to make this land a creative food-forest and off-grid living experiment, Permaculture style. I want a place to experiment building things like a rocket stove heated greenhouse, earthship house, and learning to live without money (if at all possible). And yes, I’m aware my wants will change as I live, learn, and realize how naive I am. Another thing is, I want a place to receive friends and family to come and escape the chaos of the city in recharge in nature. That’s why I went through all the hassle, when there were far easier places to buy.

Starting summer, I invite all friends and family to visit and/or stay with me. The earlier you come, the more likely you’ll have to sleep in a tent or hammock until I have living quarters. I just purchased over $200 worth of all kinds of seeds and I’ll be able to use all the help I can get to grow and build. I’ll make sure you won’t starve, and if you like nature, you sure as hell won’t be bored.