What I Liked About Porto

It’s been two days since arriving in Porto and holy sh*t this city’s gorgeous. Not only is it warmer here than it was on that semi tropical island in the Atlantic I just came from but only because I lucked out with perfect weather. I booked my hostel for only two nights which is never enough and today I start my camino de Santiago after I finish this update…

This is going to be formatted less like an article more like an update. With that said…

Of Porto, I liked…

The Rabelo wine boats that cruised along the Douro River

I like the view from the Luiz Ponta I bridge

I liked the Clerigo Tower…

Clerigo Tower

Though I liked the view from atop it much more

View from Clerio

There’s the Sé Cathedral where I picked up my Camino de Santiago pilgrim passport

I liked the random parks that overlook the city…

I liked the Francesinhas of Porto. Egg, cheese, bread and meat in some kind of gravy. Very healthy!

I liked the Francesinhas of Porto

…and other tasty sweets

Molotov! An egg cake with caramelized sugar sauce