TL;DR; I’m an aspiring writer and I want feedback

This site originally started as a place to post ideas and share stories. Then I had a weekly writing group to get feedback and craft this skill called writing that I was never good at.

When I left Medellin, I also lost my source of getting feedback and being the perfectionist I am I ended up releasing fewer articles. Though less, I still kept releasing articles and then I discovered the negative impact a poorly written article can have on your image, hence I published even less.

Since finishing my 3-month hike from Portugal to Lithuania I have written lots of stuff, yet it took me a week to publish one article. Until now.

This site is platform for me to improve my writing and share my stories along the way. I’m not sure exactly where, maybe on some deserted road in the mountains of Spain, I came to the realization that I want to focus on writing narratives and since then that is what I have been focusing on. Seeing as I had the most fun writing articles like my experience with ayahuasca while being the most bored, writing recommendations like this one for Azores islands, it is my new logical direction.

Now I’m publishing all of my drafts open to the world. Drafts won’t be advertised, if you’d like to leave feedback or tell me more of what you’d like me to write about, I don’t care who you are, as long as it’s constructive then it will be appreciated! I don’t like the idea of hiding my ideas and experiences due to my lack of experience in writing so now I am open sourcing my process.