What I’m Doing Right Now

Week 12 since starting my trip. Today I just returned to Hamburg after a 5 week trip hitchhiking around Germany and the Netherlands and gawd was it gorgeous! I left many of my belongings here in Hamburg taking only my camera, phone, tent and clothes. I visited so many cities that it’s too long to list though I traveled through a part of the Czech Republic and into Bavaria all the way south by the Austrian border in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, then back up the same way to Leipzip and west into the Netherlands for a week and back here. What’s crazy is that I didn’t spend a penny on lodging anywhere and I did it all without a mobile data plan 😀

Now that I have my computer I’ll get around to writing sommore about the places I saw in the past week but for now I plan to take some time to digest everything and figure out what to write about. Sometime next week I’ll be continuing my journey back to Lithuania!

Last updated July 14th, 2017