What I’m Doing Right Now

Since I purchased my 2,5 Ha plot of land outside of Vilnius last January, I’ve worked, lived, and learned from it from February up til the end of October. In November, I’m hitchhiking down to volunteer building clay houses in an abandoned village not far from Valencia (Enguidanos to be more exact). I’m nervous about the trip because I haven’t hitchhiked long distances, since I returned from New Zealand a year-and-a-half ago, and I’ve never done it in the darker months. That’s what I’m nervous about, and that I’m traveling without a tent this time.

Otherwise, I’m trying my best to finish creating documentaries of my progress on the land. I finished preparing the land for next season, and I packed everything up for when I return late winter to prep for next year, hopefully with some more building experience. Otherwise, I’m occasionally releasing articles on my Medium account.


October 26, 2019 from Peklyne (aka my land)