What I’m Doing Right Now

January 16, 2024 from Peklyne, Lithuania

We have been tucked away in our new yurt in the countryside outside of Vilnius this winter. I didn’t get the programming jobs I tried for, which came as a sign for me to follow my heart and pursue my new career in coaching and Neuro Linguistic Programming to help people become better versions of who they want to be and reprogram how they think and see the world. As a result, my life has changed drastically for the better. With ease, I stopped desiring things like coffee and butter (which were borderline addictions). I have been furthering my interests by studying hypnosis and building my services out on Vidurkely.lt and Midways.life and preparing for business coaching presentations to start in a week.

Here’s how we’re living in the yurt, drying laundry and going about our days
With lots of snow!