What I’m Doing Right Now

March 25nd, 2021 from Vilnius

Despite quarantine, February and March have been periods of great growth and learning for me. I made use of my apartment workshop to practice joining round timber, I had my first consultation with Adrian Leaman, a UK-based Round Wood Timberframe consultant. All of this, as well as the support from friends has helped me trust in the process, considering I’m trying to build something I’ve never seen before with no sufficient home-building experience.

I visited the land several times as well. With a neighbor, we selected which trees I can cut down, and afterwards I cut them down before the sap could start flowing, from which point the wood is not as ideal for building. Tomorrow, when I return I plan to stay in my new large cotton tent, in which I can stand in!

Going forward, if anyone has any building or stove building experience and would like to make their way up to Lithuania this summer, I ask you follow the one rule – respect, and I offer an opportunity to camp in my forest. Til next month!

February 22nd, 2021 from Vilnius

I spent all last month working in my new workshop. I built a box with mostly handtools, then as the snow piled up on the trees, it brought some of the nearby forest down, so I had many opportunities to go out with my handsaw and bring back some logs to practice carving out log tenon & mortise joints. Yesterday, I turned one day and one year older and as I went for a run, I couldn’t help but feel that despite the snow, Spring is already here, and I’m moving back to the land soon.

It’s coming down to crunch time! In the coming week, I will purchase cotton tarps to have a sheltered workspace under which to work during the hot summer days or rainy days. I’m buying a heavy-duty cotton tent because the record snow this year submerged my flimsy existing ones, and I’m assembling a team of people who’d be interested in helping me build a first house!

February 22nd, 2021 from Vilnius