What I’m Doing Right Now

October 24, 2023 from Peklyne, Lithuania

We are home, tucked away in our provincial forest an hour from the capital. As of last month, we have finally upgraded from a 4-meter tent to a 7-meter yurt, which allows us to overwinter on the land for the first time, hence we’re stoked! And since arriving on the land, a lonely bachelor, I imagined that once I’d have a roof over my head, I’d be ready to start a family with the dream of being able to raise my children in nature and without a car, if that’s possible. As such, Ieva and I are trying to have our first child(ren), and funny timing because since I was little, 35 stuck out in my mind as the age I would be when I have kids. I’m less than half a year to that age and maybe it’s meant to be 😀

With kids in mind and Winter on the way, life is moving inwards, from building a house and yurt platform outdoors, to some carpentry work indoors building out the yurt’s interior, and lots more time pursuing other interests, furthering my Coaching career, learning Hypnosis and Human Design, and finding work, possibly in my old career scouting freelance work as a website & apps programmer to have some savings when our child arrives.

With that said, if anyone needs Perspective Coaching, I translated my coaching site to English at Midways.life as Vidurkely.lt doesn’t seem too relevant to English speakers, or if you know of someone who needs a part/fulltime programmer over Winter, let me know.

Since I haven’t updated this since last February, here’s an update of this season’s big project building the yurt platform, so that in 2 days the yurt could be set up.

We dug out a 7-meter circle and a trench around it, filled it with gravel
We compacted the gravel
We laid down a metal mesh net on the gravel to protect against mice then started laying strawbales for the foundation
Then we cut out grooves for the wood to fit in
We covered it all with a diffusion layer, added mesh on the sides and started laying the floorboards down
We cut the circle, burned it
A few days later the technician arrived and the 3 of built the yurt in 2 days