What I’m Doing Right Now

Winter’s here and I’m working on several exciting projects.

Project One

First, I asked my roommate to move out so that I could turn the room into a workshop. It took a long time to get my ass to doing it, though eventually I build this thing.

Next, I’m getting to work using materials I found from the woods nearby to make stuff

I cut out the shelves above my sink and I crafted supports to hold this drying rack


Project Two

My other project is www.maruf-hops-maps.com which is a directory (similar to YellowPages) for everyone in the region where my land is. Prie Muses translates to “By the river Muse”. The project is an open source WordPress Plugin which I hope to make easily available to anyone else looking for something similar in their area. My intention with it is to get to know the people in my area, and to provide a base of information for anyone who has something to offer or is in need of something that they could get from nearby instead of relying on the city.

Lastly, I’m still doing coaching. I’m focusing on habit building and if anyone’s interested in a deep-dive session regarding certain habits their trying to fit in or cut out, get a hold of me for a free session, while I’m still trying to get my 25 sessions to graduate, because afterwards I’ll be charging!

December 9th, 2020 from Vilnius