How you Spot Gringo – a Colombian Handguide

How you spot Gringo, you ask? Gringos can be persons difficult to spot. For example, you just go about your usual day in valley of Colombian and loud persons come being loud and yelling. They no speak same language you but you understand them say word “Fuck” much times. Must be… Gringos.

There are other clues gringo’s give to help identify self. Many Gringos disguise self and do not say “Fuck” every other word. How I know if he gringo then? Well I tells you! Here are tips on what to look at to know if he gringo.

How you spot Gringo example


Gringo always have servicio his whole life and now he come here and expect same thing. If you not sure about person and you in restaurant, look at how he talk to waiter. Gringo expect things with no asking. Gringo want meat hotter, Gringo want ice, Gringo want tinto, Gringo want everything.



Gringos have money. I repeat. All gringos have money.

Go ahead. Talk to rich gringos and ask to ride their planes and marry them. I have warn, some Gringos don’t have much money, do not waste time with them.


Face Different

Some Gringos speak Spanish. No let that fool you! If they face not smooth like Paisa face, they can be imposters. Gringo have hair different from us. They also have face trait differences and different skin. If not sure, ask person to feel his hair. If hair not soft like horse tail paisa hair, he probably gringo!



If still not sure, look at gringo’s feet. Gringos have dirty feet. Me happen to spend whole day with Gringo and we both wear sandals whole day. Our feets was clean in morning. After whole day walking I see his feet very muddy and dirty. My feet, clean like forever! He not walk anywhere that me not and his feet somehow always dirty. Truth.


How you spot gringo concluded

And that several tips how you spot Gringo. Just remember to look after your new ability and no abuse it. With great power comes great responsibilities. If you has your own suggestions on how spot Gringo’s, please leave in the comment.